7 days on the road

3000 cyclists, 650 volunteers, 545 miles from SF to LA, 7 days.  I am looking forward to life on the road, even though this is a full catered event.  

There is a term called “princessing”, for those who wish to hotel it instead of camping in the village.  

There are 150 medical team volunteers consisting of chiro (3rd year students from soCal), sports medicine, massage therapists, and my team of medical transport/EMT/nurses/providers/2 ambulances.  We are split into 4-5 teams ranging from rest stop 1-4 and base camp.  I’ll be at base camp most days, working mostly on admin and keeping things sane.  

There are dedicated volunteers who set up the grid (tent city) at each location.  There are food volunteers, mascots, safety, sweep and even roadkill clean up volunteers.  This production is kind of amazing in its intensity.  

There are camp activities, nightly speakers, entertainment and dress up days.  I have a red medical tshirt and jacket to wear everyday but I brought my cowgirl hat, 2 tutu’s and a few glow bracelets.  

I pray I can be patience and not yell at anyone for their stupidity, being a novice or me – being tired from waking up at 5 am every day.  I will be sharing a tent with some stranger for the next 7 days and working 12 hour shifts.  I hope I learn something, make new friends, support an amazing cause and maybe find a renewed spirit with getting on the road again.  AIDS Lifecycle… Let the ride begin.  


  1. Enjoy yourself after a long semester. It sounds like you are going to a rave! You can work the medical tent at “burning man” next!


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