Rainbow cookies delivered to SF

I would hope that I look different from when I was 16-17 years old.  Today, I was working at the bike shop and someone turned to me and said, “Liane?, it’s me, Jenny, from soccer, when we were 15.”  It took me a second and then I registered, “wow, of course, I know who you are.”  I was completely surprised that she could recognize me quickly, after all this time.  

I would be surprised someone could recognize me from college, let alone, our teenage years in high school.  The last time I saw Jenny was on the field, when we played soccer together and I remember her shorter.  She must have grown after age 15.  I think we played together for 2 soccer seasons.  
We chatted for five minutes and roughly caught up on life since high school.  Coincidentally, she is now biking from SF-Brooklyn as part of a moving theater production.  How many people come across that bike across the U.S?  It was nice to run into her and bring back the fun memories of high school.  

I had another visitor today, my cousin was passing thru on her vacation and she brought me my favorite dessert, rainbow cookies baked by my aunt.  I was so pleasantly surprised she brought them all the way from Long Island.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen family and it was great to see her and Michael.  
It was a nice San Francisco day, with a mix of Long Island and Brooklyn memories sprinkled in.  I am grateful for today.  

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