Life at race pace

“Life at race pace” was the slogan on the t-shirts worn by the Cal tri team.  Wildflower triathlon weekend was an amazing race with great support (650 volunteers, 3 volunteers to every racer).  Surprisingly, race weekend did not make me want to return to the sport.  I continue to swim, bike and run occasionally but I no longer care about how fast you can get from point a to point b.  The weekend, however, brought a renewed spirit to get into shape for upcoming adventures.  

Life at race pace seems to be my motto these days.  I have only two weeks off between spring-summer and summer-fall semesters and the each week is already booked.  
In two weeks, when the semester ends, I am volunteering with the medical team to support the AIDS Lifecycle 7 day bike ride from SF-LA. It should be a good patient care experience and interesting to support 3000 participants.  
This summer, I am enrolled in advanced Algebra (the pre-req for Statistics) which meets M-F, 8-11 am each day and Human Development Lifespan Psychology – my first online class.  
After the 6 week summer session, I am going to bike mechanic school for the first week in August, in Portland, Oregon.  If all my ducks are in a row, I will bike back to SF to start the fall semester.  I am enrolled in Chemistry again and Human Anatomy, both with labs.   


Photo: swim at Wildflower

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