Antioxidants are ace! 

I don’t like eating carrots.  There were too many in my csa shipments last summer and I was over it by the fall.  They weren’t beautiful heirloom carrots, like they were in the spring, just your everyday orange carrots, plucked from the dirt, with stems and leaves attached.  

My nutrition test tomorrow is about vitamins.  After studying about deficiencies and functions, I am inclined to go back to eating carrots.  They are important for your vision.  Most orange-red vegetables fall into the category of a good source of Vitamin A, but I can’t eat pumpkin things and beets year round.  

Fun facts:  folate is from the Latin, foliage.. Leafy green vegetables.  It reminds me of the cartoon popeye who ate spinach for strength (cell formation and DNA synthesis).  Popeye’s girlfriend Olive, needs folate if she is going to become pregnant to avoid anemia and neural tube defects for the child. 

Scurvy is a disease/deficiency of Vitamin C (Citrus fruits).  British sailors were known to bring limes with them on voyages.  British sailors were known as limeys.  Scurvy symptoms look like pirates, bleeding gums, loose teeth, bone fragility, poor wound healing.

Vitamin K… For coagulation/blood clotting, is named by the Danish.  Kogulation begins with a K in Danish. Vitamin K was originally isolated by poisioning rats.  It prevented their blood from clotting, which later developed into heart attack mediciation.  

Antioxidants are ace! vitamin a, c and e.  

Vitamin D – sun, is important in bone growth of infants (calcium).  People who live in places that do not have much sunlight, need to take supplements.  Many supplements and fortified foods (cereal, milk, orange juice) use vitamin D to help with absorption.  


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