college idealism

It is almost time to sign up for fall classes.  I went on a graduate program’s website to review the nursing pre-requirements to make sure I am on track with the correct sequence.  One website requires oral, written and critical thinking courses.  To bypass these requirements, I submitted my syllabi and transcript from my undergraduate courses for review.

I was slightly surprised to review the courses and the curriculum.  Classes called Borderlands; Aliens and Citizens; Gender, Nationalism and Violence; Anglophone Literature of the Third World.  I cannot prove oral communication or critical thinking but all my classes taught feminist thought and challenge convention.  
The pre-req’s I need are: Chemistry, Nutrition, Human Development/Lifespan, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology, Microbiology, Statistics.  A very different list from the last time I went to school.  

I re-read a few essays written for various assignments and I was taken back by the anger and idealism in my writing.  Angry at the inequality, racism and sexism in the world.  Surprised by the idealism and the struggle to make change, to be the change in the world.  
A part of that me, changed over time, I like to think toned down a bit.  I continue to strive to be a better me.  
I am ok with continuing to struggle, to keep on, trying to find my match, sharing my talents with the world’s greatest needs.  I don’t want to settle for any less.  

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