gambling 50/50

I don’t gamble.  I am inclined to withdraw from chemistry, receiving a W, instead of a potential C or D… Or any other letter in the alphabet.  

Today our professor gave the class a pep talk.  He gave back the exams, the class average was 55.  I received a 61, still not passing.  The withdraw deadline is in two days.  The girl who spent all spring break studying and redoing every homework assignment did exceedingly well.  Even if I had the time back and did it again, I would not have forgone camping in lieu of studying.  

I am on the cusp of passing.  I could either get a C and progress in my course sequence or get a D for failing.  I am taking 14 credit units this semester so a D, would bring my GPA down considerably.  My transcript would reflect that I had taken the class twice.  C is also not truly acceptable either.  
Someone equated the first semester back to school with an awakening.  In high school and college, my first semester was depressing, however I felt on top of the world by the time I graduated.  Maybe, this time around, the same is true, and I need more time to adjust.  

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