on writing

Most of my news comes from reading the New York Times app on my phone, usually while waiting for the bus.  Lately, I’ve been reading 

 rticles about writing, editors and MFA programs.  They catch my attention, slightly more than the articles about Ms. Clooney takes New York, the drought in California or police brutality caught on video, (which I have also read).  

For the drought in California, I am trying to do my part by taking fewer showers.  This week, I’ve attempted to take showers every other day to reduce my water usage.  I don’t really like it but I think it’s the most effective way for me to do individual water conservation, in addition to all the other ways I conserve.  
The articles about writing always bring me back to the idea of writing as a profession.  I enjoy writing and reading as a hobby, it would be unrealistic to make it into a living, but if income were not important, if reality were not important, I would probably pursue a MFA, to spend time on writing as a craft.  There are no true writing courses at community college.  They are for the privileged.  
Photo: sitting near the Ferry Building, next to interactive sculpture installation on neurons.  Bay Bridge in the background.

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