Big Sur camping

A few things I learned while spending 3 nights in backcountry Big Sur:

I should learn to identify snakes better.

John has great reflexes when spotting snakes.

Kirk taught me how to use different water filtration systems. The drops kills bacterial and viral but it takes 30 minutes to drink. The Sawyer squeeze which is like a squish bottle rids of bacteria only however you can drink it instantly. The downsize is the squish bottle works better with water entering the bottle from a stream or rushing water.

My kryptonite is crossing streams and creeks. I don’t want to do it for fear of falling in with my pack and getting my shoes all wet. I had to be reassured by them each time before I was willingly to cross any creeks and rivers.

We hiked 2 full days of 12 miles, and a morning of high elevation, strenuous hills and challenging climbs. I loved going to sleep with the moon and waking with the sun. Each day should follow that rhythm.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

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