San Francisco living

Sometimes it takes a visitor to remind you of the beauty of your surroundings.  I am grateful to be living in San Francisco.  Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday, hustling through work and life, his visit reminded me to appreciate SF.  

I love living near nature.  I don’t take advantage of it nearly as much as I would like.  Each day I have the opportunity to go for a hike in the headlands overlooking the Pacific Ocean, or a run through the woods/trails in Golden Gate Park or an urban stroll through nationally protected lands of the Presidio.  
I love my neighborhood, living near the park, access to the redwood groves, or a visit to the California Academy of Sciences to see the aquarium.  
I love the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is beautiful and orange.  🙂
I love living near the water and beach, even though it’s cold and cool.  I don’t actually like the sun and the overcast and fog is a perfect temperature for me.  I love it when the city is covered in a dense cloud.  

I still feel free here, not judged in the same ways as living on the east coast where how I make a living is less important than if I am striving to be happy and enjoying work.  
I love biking as a natural form of transportation.
I am less judged by how I look.  Still judged but more by the independence of spirit than pressed to be coordinated and in fashion.  
I am healthier here for the freedom of spirit.  I can eat vegetarian and vegan meals any time, with a healthy dose of burritos.  
San Francisco is not the only place I want to live but it’s a good spot for me now.  

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