Smarties in chemistry

I found the smart kids in chemistry.  The trend is they are only taking one class: chemistry.  That’s what makes them smart – one class.  

They are not taking 3-4 other classes, working 4 days a week in 8 hour shifts, and training for a triathlon.  When I said this out loud, someone asked if I was a single mom too, mocking the ridiculousness of the situation, doing too much.  

Mid term grades: Math/Algebra: A, Nutrition: B, Chemistry: D.  I continue to put in the effort in Chem but it is not enough.  Nutrition, I received an A on the first exam and a B on the second.  I will do better for the next exam.  
With a little more than one month to go, I am making changes to give my full effort to chem.  I am dropping one day from my work schedule, shifting to 3x a week (Fri-Sun.). I am no longer going to race as an individual in the triathlon and looking to relay.  It’ll take the pressure off all the workouts I have missed.  I haven’t been to the pool yet but I can easily will myself thru 1/3 of the race.  No longer competing but happy to just participate in the experience of camping for 2-3 nights with 3000+ athletes and supporters.  
I am camping in Big Sur for 4 nights next week for spring break.  Hopefully the refresh will help my sanity before our next exam.  Otherwise, there is a very real possibility I will be retaking Chemistry over the summer.  
At the end of the semester, I am participating in the AIDS Lifecycle event, which is a fundraiser and ride from SF-LA.  I will not be riding but working/volunteering as a roadie in the medical tent.  I thought it would be great to get medical patient care experience in the field, 7 days, 3000 cyclists on the road, camping every night.  The med tent is filled with very experienced nurses and doctors.  I am excited to learn from them and get a chance to experience if this is something really I want to pursue as a career.  I’ll be in LA, on June 6.  Then maybe a few days in the area and back up to SF to start the summer semester June 15.  

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