Not here to make friends

I am feeling like a grinch.  Perhaps it is because of my spring allergies and feeling an inability to breathe or maybe I am in a bad mood because I am feeling overwhelmed and underprepared.

My basic math class finished and turned into Algebra.  I was at least right, when in 6th grade I was sure I would not use this math ever in life.  
In my new math class, yesterday, I wanted to say something to the boy who was more interested in the girl sitting next to him than in class.  I wanted to say take it outside.  Your whispers are distracting and other people want to learn.  Or the boy sitting next to me who was texting.  I wanted to say to him, that is disrespectful.  Our professor gives us his full attention, you should give him yours.  And finally, to the boy in the back who is so very loud, and failed Algebra because he didn’t do the hw but passed every exam, loudly exclaims, this is so easy.  Well, if it was easy, you shouldn’t have failed the first time so please be quiet.  
My friend says I should sit in the front row to avoid distraction but I just want to throw something at these students, a nerf ball will do.  They irritate me and I want them out. Perhaps, in a week, when the dust settles they will self select and not show up anymore.  

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