Chasing rainbows

I had dinner with a friend and we were talking about housing in SF. Maybe, I am thinking of this strategy all wrong, perhaps I should just make full time dating my occupation and find someone to move into my apartment with me to split the rent. This would be an equally a good strategy to the other apartment finding ideas. 

I read an article about work… and I think what I am chasing is maybe not necessarily a new career, since I am only at the stage of “considering” nursing programs… instead, I am chasing the thought of happiness. I don’t want people to ask the generic question, “what do you do?” I want people to ask, “are you doing what makes you happy?” Every day, the answer is still yes. I am chasing a dream of finding fulfillment in the everyday. After a life time, when you look back, did I live the way I wanted to live? I hope the answer is yes.

Other thoughts – I read an article in the NYT about Serena Williams return to the Indiana tournament where 14 years ago she experienced racism, was booed off the court.  She vowed never to return.  She is returning now – quoted, “I thought it was really good timing, not just for me but for Americans in general, to step up and say, ‘We as a people, we as Americans, we can do better, we can be better, we are better.’ ”. She didn’t speak directly about race relations right now but forgiveness and doing better is something to strive for.  

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