tupac on the radio

Conversation at work (me on the walkie-talkie with the radio playing in the background):

Me: do you have x in stock?
F: are you listening to Tupac?
Me: what? You can hear that?  Um, yea, I guess so.  It’s the throw back station and they were playing Boyz II Men.  I know, it’s uncharacteristic of me to like R&B and Hip Hop from the 80’s and 90’s.
I am planning my escape.  In a few short weeks, I have 3 consecutive days off.  I am planning to camp-hike for 28 miles in the backcountry in Big Sur.  This is what I enjoy and where I’d like to spend my free time, away from the civilization, in a forest, national park, with redwoods, overlooking the Pacific Coast.  I might even bring a friend with me so I don’t have to carry all my own food and the tent for 3 days.  🙂

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