Running past Cupid’s arrow

I had forgotten about the soreness that comes after a hard workout.  On Saturday, I biked from my house to the gym (35 mins), went to spin for (60 mins), ran outside (30 mins), biked to work (15 mins), worked 8 hrs and biked home (40 mins) – about 3 hours of exercise.  This is what life would be like if I were training for a longer distance – 3 hours of exercise would be a normal training routine, as opposed to a weekend long workout. 

My first run in a long time was not bad.  I didn’t feel any pain in my shoulder.  I ran a short distance, running along the Embarcadero, passing the Ferry Building, the sculpture of Cupid’s Arrow, the Bay Bridge and Giants Stadium.  It was fun passing the stadium and peeking inside at center field.  

Three more weeks until spring break and I can relax for a few days.  My first consecutive 3 days off in months, recharging for 1.5 more months before the school.  

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