Feeling fragile and fluffy

My brother sometimes says I missed my true calling as an actress because of my ability to cry on command.  Usually watching a cartoon in which the main character unexpectedly dies will make me burst into tears.  I’m not talking a small tear when there’s something in your eye.  I am talking about, big tears that require a box of tissues.  Once on a flight, I was watching X-men and was saddened when Professor Xavier died.  My seat mate looked at me and said, really, really?  It’s a superhero movie.

I’m not sure what is wrong with me lately, whether is hormonal or maybe I am feeling overwhelmed.  I cried yesterday at my Chem professor when I failed my test.  I really tried not too but I was unnecessarily emotional.  Today, I felt the need to shed some more tears when I was booted out of lab because I mistakenly did not do the prework assignment.  I searched for it yesterday and even asked a fellow student if there was prework due and they confirmed no.  Kicking myself for my own mistake, I will learn from it next time and ask the professor directly instead of relying on my peers.  Maybe there are some vitamins or something I can take to toughen up.  

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