Welcome March.

I feel like a gummy bear, soft and squishy, maybe even sugary sweet.  Or maybe an image of a pillsbury dough girl is more in line with how I feel.  This week, I made it to 2 pilates classes, 1 spin class and 1 core class.  This weekend, I am riding 40-60 miles each day, with a total mileage of 80 or 120 miles.  7-8 weeks remain to get race ready and I haven’t made it to the pool yet.  I am trying to build a base of fitness with core and strength before I start to ramp up with real workouts.  

Progress in health is going better than school.  I go to school M-F and work F-M.  I am feeling mostly overwhelmed.  I feel like I am not studying enough but every hour of the day is accounted for.  This is all I can manage.  Math is ok.  Nutrition, I received an 88 on my first exam, not great but acceptable.  Chemistry, I am pretty sure I am bombing but not quite sure how to recover.  An intervention or new study methods must be learned soon.  Spring break is around the corner.  
I plan to take summer classes and a GRE prep, hoping to apply to schools by the fall for admit fall 2016.  I am considering schools, back East, up north and remaining in SF. 

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