Wildflower Triathlon

I have always struggled with the concept of moderation. Never really able to grasp it. As of late, I have been having a lot of anxiety the night before a quiz/exam, losing sleep and feeling nervous the entire day leading up to the exam. I have been feeling bad about my health, not exercising, instead spending all my time in the library studying.

Today, the tides have turned but not in any way related to moderation. I won a free entry into a race that is described as the Woodstock of triathlons. I have always wanted to participate in this race every since I learned about it years ago. You camp with all the other athletes and race course is in a beautiful rugged terrain.

The race gives me motivation to get back in shape and purpose to get back to a healthy lifestyle. I will however be sacrificing more sleep, getting up earlier to get in those run, bike and swims. I am exciting that Wildflower will be my first return to triathlons. If there is one race to do, this is it. If anyone wants to support, join in the adventure, I have 11 weeks to get race ready. Race day is May 1-3, Lake San Antonio in central California. I am joining a gym tomorrow to start swimming again.

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