Week 3 complete

Everything is a mathematical equation to me these days. (I attend math class 4x a week, 2 hrs a day. The class meets 5x a week but I am excused one day for a time conflict with chem lab.)

Liane works 32 hours a week, attends school 17 hours a week, tries to sleep 6-8 hours a day, grocery shops 2 hours a week, studies in the library 10 hours a week, transportation time to and from work-school-home 3 hours a day, how many hours in the week remain?

Ans: first you need to convert the measurements to all the same units. Then the answer is very few hours remain unaccounted for.

I enjoy going to school and using my brain again. It seems that my brain was on vacation for a few years and as I have been learning in nutrition class, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

I also learned based on my monthly income I qualify for food assistance however I have savings which disqualifies me. Apparently to be in need by government standards, you cannot only be poor. Interesting.

Textbooks cost more than the price of enrollment at community college.

For my chem class of 400 students, there are 2 textbooks on reserve.

Community college students are diverse. Most of my classmates speak English as a second language. People of color and low income students are the majority. All learning disabilities are at the forefront. In Chemistry, there are two sign language interpreters that sign the entire lecture. My nutrition professor asked if anyone was color blind because the lecture slides are in color. The first row of classroom chairs are wheelchair accessible.

Week 3 of class complete… Still trying to figure out time management but content of classes is not overwhelming. I am grateful for chemistry tutors.

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