Back to the future

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to return to high school? I think I did that today. I reverted back in time.

I had in my backpack, 2 granola bars, a bottle of water, and 3 shiny new notebooks for my first day at school. I even took the public bus to school and didn’t ride my bike. I was feeling a little nervous and I wasn’t sure I wanted to park my bike outside all day. The bus ride took 20 minutes and my bike ride would have been 30 minutes with a few uphills and anxiety.

First class: Chemistry. The last time I had a conversation about electrons, protons, atoms, compounds and elements was in high school. I am taking this class as a requirement to get into Microbiology. The lecture went ok. I am a little concerned about the workload. There is an assignment due every class (Tuesday and Thursday) with weekly quizzes and a chapter due each week. The work isn’t hard, just concerned about maintaining it. I don’t have a registered spot in the class yet, I have to wait to get to lab on Thursday to confirm the spot. There are 4 people on the wait list ahead of me, so hopefully 4 people will not show up. Amongst all the sections, there are about 400 people taking Chemistry.

Second class: Nutrition for health professionals. In the first 5 minutes of class, we had a quiz. The point was to test your knowledge of nutrition. I failed which didn’t make me feel very good and I didn’t have a No. 2 pencil either, I haven’t used pencils since high school.

Question 5 – how many grams are in a calorie? The answer is on every nutrition label on every package. 9kcal/g.
Question 6 – which picture contains cholesterol? Pictures: avocado, bread, coconut and fish. Ans: Only living animals with livers produce cholesterol, fish.
7: Name the essential elements of nutrition? Ans: Minerals, Water, Carbs, Protein, Lipids (fat), Vitamins. 8: 50g donut vs. 50g bagel, which is more dense? Ans: 50g donut contains lipids and carbs therefore is more dense than a 50g bagel which only contains carbs.

Result of the quiz: I know nothing about nutrition.

Human Anatomy: I tried to enroll but didn’t get in, 40 people ahead of me. Opted to take General Psychology, which is a joke and painful. This class meets 6-9 pm every Tuesday and has tons of group work. I was hoping to avoid talking to my classmates for 4 months. I have also read enough Psychology texts as a sales rep, that I’m sure I could teach this class. I considered taking Intermediate Algebra which is a prereq for Stats, but I decided not to overwhelm myself with 3 hard classes, so 2/3 hopefully will not be too difficult of a semester.

My class schedule will be Tuesday, 1-9 pm. Thursday, 9-4. 3 classes with lab – 12 units. The other days I will be working at the bike shop, with Fridays off to panic, sleep and study.

Classes at community college are very different from attending a private school. I’m 100% sure you get a better education at a private school due to the resources. The classrooms themselves feel like they should be condemned. No handouts are given and it is up to the student to print out all documents. Textbooks of any edition are considered acceptable because the high price of the newest edition. Each class is maxed out, with the professor overwhelmed. No teacher’s assistants are offered and it’s no wonder so many students fail.

The classes I need to take (all within 2 years of applying to a nursing program) are: Microbiology, Stats, Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab, Nutrition, General or Dev Psychology. *Chem. before Microbiology, Intermediate Algebra before Stats, and Human Ant. before Human Phys. All this work and I’m not even completely certain I want to go down this rabbit hole. Some things in life, I’m very confident about, like climbing Mt. Everest. Nursing school, I’m not yet sure.

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