My new helmet already arrived.

The doctor said I have torn a tendon, sprain/strain, and/or injured my rotator cuff. All in all that means, it is difficult to put on and take off t-shirts over my head (limited range in motion). It will be a lot easier and better if I wear button down shirts for a while. I’ll start physical therapy next week.

The rest of me is ok, just pretty exhausted because my body is very tired. Getting hit by a moving car, didn’t hurt so much on Tuesday, but the days after a soreness has settled. Someone described it as landing on the ground like a sack of potatoes. I’m planning to give myself lots of recovery. I had the last two days off, in which I consumed my favorites – pizza, pumpkin pie and potato chips.

I even did some online shopping and bought myself new waterproof boots (they look like sneakers). I’m not 100% sure about the purchase, but I am currently loving everything, by the brand Sorel. The winter boots I bought from them a little while ago, are a little too toasty to wear in SF, but I will wait until I go to the mountains to wear them. My favorite sneakers I think died… it’s been raining the last few days and they were soaked and wet for days, now them smell so poorly that I think the only thing to do with them is throw them away. I’m not sure they can be saved. Does mildew grow on shoes? I put them in the dryer but they still smell bad. Advice?

I plan to continue to ride my bike as a means of transportation, not really because I want to, but out of principle.


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