Groceries delivered

After reading the news about the record snowfall in Buffalo, people needing to stay in their homes for 5 days, I was thinking to myself, I should grocery shop some more. I don’t have enough provisions to last 2 days at home.

I normally only buy enough supplies that will fit in my backpack. I have recognized this is not an effective use of energy or time. It is much better to shop once with a car and load up.

Today, I shopped at Safeway and Costco using an app called Instacart. I ordered my items online and they were delivered to me at my selected one hour window. I not only avoided the time at those stores but they were delivered. I could have also not been home and the shoppers could have just left my items in the entryway using the lockbox code.

I paid a small delivery charge, a tip and the prices were inflated only slightly than if I shopped at the store myself. All in all, I think it was a better use of time. If I shopped myself, I would have spent $10-20 on the rental car share and the entire morning at each shop.

Take note, brother, you could avoid going to Costco forever and you don’t even need a membership card. It saves you time, hassle of the Costco parking lot and $50 a year.

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