The act of tidying.

Many know me for being ruthless with the purge, getting rid of clutter and sometimes even useful things. It’s more than a desire for cleanliness, or my abstract thoughts of attachments to material things, or my thoughts on first world living and wealth or my fear of one day being a hoarder… My problem with stuff is probably a combination of all those things.

My latest disaster is inspired by a book on tidying. It’s on the New York Times Best Seller list in which the author talks about going thru everything in your home and holding the item and asking, “does this item bring you joy?” If the answer is no, then you thank the item for the part it played in your life and let it go. You discard without guilt. You begin sorting clothes first, then move on to shoes, bags, books, papers and sentimental things. In the end, you live in a clean house with only the objects and items that bring you joy.

I’ve taken my wardrobe purge a step further, with each piece of clothing, I ask myself if I ran into a ex- how would wearing this make me feel? If the answer is not amazing or cute, I put it in the giveaway pile. Amazing how vanity will be a motivator.

I’ve discarded all the clothes that are worn or didn’t suit me. It doesn’t matter if I have worn the item only a few times or frequently. They must make me feel and look good. The book was a good first step, but I am looking forward to the complete rehaul of all my possessions.

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