Biking around town, day 2

The interviewer said to me, “how many bikes do you own?” I said only one at the moment, followed by… she is a great bike and has gotten me across America twice. She said, her roommate has 6 bikes because she races, and she, herself owns 3. I also mentioned, this month I am trying to bike everywhere instead of taking public transit, and she said that’s great. She bikes everywhere too. She also mentioned she lives 20 blocks further than me…. the conversation made me feel a little less worthy, which doesn’t happen too often. The interview however went well and I will interview with the GM later in the week. My previous bike shop has no love for me after my leave of absence, so onwards to another shop.

Biking around everywhere is exhausting and sweaty. I don’t care what other people say, climbing hills makes me hot and sweaty. You are working hard and by the time I get home, I want to shower. I mostly wear skinny jeans or jeggings so my pants don’t get caught in the chain, but I haven’t figured out what to wear as a top. There are a few brands designed for commuters, but I haven’t found anything appealing yet. I wear a light neon bright jacket that kind of makes me feel like a clown, but I appreciate being seen by cars.

Yesterday, I walked to the grocery store, it took an hour to get there (about 3 miles). I could buy as much as I could carry which was a backpack worth of groceries. I didn’t buy anything heavy, like orange juice, I could definitely live without carrying that 3 miles but I did buy soy milk which was lighter. I also was restricted to 12 items or less due to the check out lane. I left with 10 items filled in my backpack. When I thought about my walk home, the bus would have taken about 30 minutes plus the wait time but I would have been able to buy more.

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