First world problems – too fat for the dress

Most of us want to loose a little body weight or look a little different. For me, I don’t feel motivated enough to exercise in the way I know I should. I run occasionally a few miles per week and bike around as transportation. I would hardly call it exercise. I know what exercise feels like, running for hours, biking a whole day, or swimming until you can’t lift your arms anymore. It would be nice to go back to being strong and not so fluffy, but I seem to operate in spectrums of all or nothing.

To lose weight, it is a fairly simple premise – you need to take in less calories and burn more. Either exercise more and eat less or just eat less.

Last week, my diet felt mostly like I was eating air. This week, I have up’ed my game, and I am juicing until Friday, no eating this week, maybe a little chewing of soups but more or less I am drinking my nutrition. Most people call this a cleanse, to rid the body of toxins, processed foods, and only drinking healthy veggies and fruits. It is bound to make you loose some weight, if only from not eating junk and being more aware of the food you put into your mouth. I am trying the path of least resistance to fit into a dress by Friday. I could exercise. My brother says I should run around with trash bags to lose weight, I’d rather just not eat.



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