Where is your final place of rest?

My wishes, for thought…

1. Grieve for me in your own way and not at a funeral home.

2. At the time of my death, if I am strong and healthy, I would like all my organs to be transplanted and given to someone who can use them. If they cannot be used, I would like my body to be given to an educational institution, like Stanford or John Hopkins, depending if I am on the West or East Coast.

3. The educational institution will transport a body for free if the place of death is within 200 miles.

4. After the educational use, typically the school will cremate the body. Please spread my ashes near some trees. My favorite plants are succulents. My favorite trees are Redwoods. An example, spread my ashes among the Botanical Gardens where I am a frequent visitor or spread them under the Cherry Blossom trees in April in DC. Choose a tree you like and let the ashes fly in the wind. I like that the cherry blossoms renew themselves every year at the same time around the world.

5. If I happen to be residing in San Francisco, a furniture store called Uhuru which will pick up all my furniture for free. The proceeds support their mission and community. Or furniture, clothing and general household items can be given to Community Thrift, pick a charity, any charity to contribute the sales to. A few organizations I support from the 200 charity list: SF-Marin Food Bank, Planned Parenthood, or the Asian Women’s Shelter. Or the Salvation Army will schedule a pick up of everything including mattresses.

6. If you’d like to make a charitable donation in my memory, one of my favorite international organizations is Doctors without Borders.

7. Lastly, do not be sad for too long and live your life fully in my memory.

Thank you.

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