NERT training (neighborhood emergency response team)

I feel like MacGyver sometimes. MacGyver was this great TV show in the 90’s, around the same time as the A-team show. The A-team was also a beloved show to me. MacGyver could solve complex problems with every day common items like Duct tape.

After my disaster training workshop 1 of 3, I realized I needed to buy more duct tape, a flashlight, and baking soda for the house. At the store, I refrained from buying glitter colored duct tape but I did buy glow stick necklaces for $1.00. The glow sticks are for my emergency kit to keep me entertained if I don’t have any electricity in the house.

The mediocre fire extinguisher I bought a few months ago, to be used only if my printer caught on fire, (if you remember, it literally smoked as it printed…) actually wouldn’t put out the printer if it did catch on fire says my fire person instructor (even though the label says the fire extinguisher is good for flammable liquids and electrical fires).

I learned there are 4 classification levels of fire extinguishers, and the one I purchased a few months ago she feels is too basic/small to put out an electrical fire.

To remedy the situation: 1. I no longer own the printer and 2. I bought lots of baking soda for $3.00 to supplement the baby fire extinguisher. When used together the baking soda would at least attempt to smother the flames and oxygen. I could have just bought a new $40+ fire extinguisher but I am not ready to invest it in because I already own a not very practical one.

The woman at check out asked what I was planning to do with so much baking soda. I told her it’s in case of a kitchen fire. She said you can just cover it with a lid. I said, maybe, maybe not. I wonder why she didn’t question my four packets of neon glow stick necklaces. I would happily told her those are for my emergency kit.

I am not planning to have any fires in the house but I like to feel prepared. Maybe it’s my lifestyle, often, I feel, I am a little more prone to personal disasters than other people, like the time I got bit by a dog and had heat stroke, all in the same summer, at least only one required a visit to the ER.

This training is sponsored by the SF Fire Department and it’s great, next class, I learn basic search and rescue and the last class, I get to use a fire extinguisher. Yay!

My enrollment in this class was prompted by the recent earthquake in Napa, in which I woke up at 3:00 am felt the earth shake for 15 seconds then went back to sleep. I knew at the time, this was the wrong but I was tired. I didn’t even wait to see if their were after shocks.

Now, I have prepared properly – putting the earthquake kit in a central location in the house (guest room closet) and in each bedroom I have put a spare pair of shoes, whistle, bandana, and flashlight; each tied to the bed post in a plastic bag. If there was an earthquake and things were rolling around, glass broken, you want to put on your shoes, and seek cover. The flashlight is if I need it, the bandana in case of smoke to cover your mouth, and the whistle to blow if you are covered and can’t get out.

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