8 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes

Standing in the TSA security line, I get frustrated by people who do not know how to fly. Of course, you have to take off your shoes and remove your laptop. What rock do you live under? I used to size people up when I would look for the shortest line, who looks like a regular flyer and who is traveling in need of help.

I made it thru the security check point without much hassle and remember the days when this was a regular occurence. I used to fly a lot, not just road warrior status – I was a regular passenger in the sky, always searching for my next destination.

I have been grounded this year, by design. Attempting to see if I would like being in one place, sleeping in the same bed, night after night. Nothing new to report, it is not a bad way to live, to stay in one place.

This weekend is my cousin’s bachelorette and bridal shower. I have packed no less than 8 dresses and 4 pairs of shoes. It has been a very long time since I have worn tall shoes, the kind that make you stand straighter. I don’t even remember the last time I wore these shoes. I hope to make it thru the debauchery. Stay tuned.

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