Renter’s insurance

I find it interesting when I go to other people’s houses and there are locks on their roommates doors. How odd, I think to need a padlock on your bedroom in your shared household. I purposefully leave my bedroom door open when I leave the house so no one will think I am present.

There are no locks on any of the doors in our house, minus the bathroom. I invite strangers into our home on a daily basis (with some screening and references), and yet I feel entirely comfortable with them in our home.

Perhaps it is a travelers mentality, many people opened their homes to me when I was traveling, I hope to convey the same spirit to others. What is mine is yours, there is no attachment to things in this house.

Staying in a home away from home is always so kind and I feel generous. I longed for electricity, wi-fi, a warm bed and hot shower when on the road. Sometimes there was the extra luxury of laundry. I think that mentality keeps things in perspective.

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  1. I think it would be very hard to live in an apartment where the doors were locked internally. Granted it’s been a long, long time since I shared any space, but the though of sharing living space with that level of distrust is really sad.



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