Shop talk

Every time I get on my bike and ride out the front door, I say a silent prayer to myself, please don’t squash me today. I know one of these days, I may get hit by a car, but I hope it’s not today. This weekend I started working at a bike shop. I get paid likely in peanuts, or as I like to call it, lunch money, but I enjoy the shop atmosphere, talking bikes, being around bikes, riding bikes. I miss it and now can be a part of that community again. I hope to learn how to fix bikes too, more so than just my own. The place I work, is a non-profit too. It is a bike shop/social enterprise that helps at risk, urban youth, learn on the job work skills, in a paid 6 month internship. It is a positive space and I am happy to spend my weekends there.

I have been in San Francisco, about a year now, and only now am I starting to settle in. I know where I live, I know how to get around on public transit, I have favorite stores and restaurants. I brought plants recently, succulents. Pieces of life are feeling comfortable.

My roommate also moved out and I’ve turned his room into a furnished short term rental which seems like a better fit, instead of another roommate. Ideally, it would be great, just to leave it as a guest bedroom, but until I find the full time job, where I am willingly to commit, we’ll continue to rent it temporarily.

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