Hetch Hetchy water

I went online today and bought winter boots. Tall riding boots you might wear in a New England winter.
The description reads one could also wear them in the rain. I could wear them to Tahoe if I pick up winter sports again or I could wear them in SF if California were to rain again. Either way, it was a chilly afternoon, low 50’s today and my feet could have used some extra warmth.

The drought in California is making me sad. Everywhere there are signs to conserve. I don’t know how to use less water. I’ve switched do a 2-1 shampoo conditioner combo to use less water. I’ve started to turn off the water when soaping in the shower. I wash vegetables in a container instead of a strainer. Not sure what else to do but I am feeling guilty for not doing enough. I could take fewer showers but I love taking showers. From my travels, I still savor shower time. I love the ability to take a hot shower and be clean. It’s really a luxury and one of my favorite things about being-living indoors.

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