Crochet class 101

After I asked a question on our first task, “um, can you show me again. Mine doesn’t make a slip knot.”

She said, “let’s think of it another way. Think of it as 2 frogs, the 1st frog jumps over the second frog, then the 2nd time it jumps over your finger. There, now you’ve made a slip knot.” Brilliant. I can image frogs.

Later, after I was fumbling she says, “it’s like you are going under the tight rope and then jumping on top of the line.”

This is my latest activity and like all my domestic attempts, it’s hard for me. I don’t know why or how this is fun. I’d rather be running thru the woods. My fingers were tensing up from holding a piece of yarn and my shoulder/back muscles are all tight. Apparently, this is supposed to be a relaxing activity. After 2 hours, the photo is what I have to show. Not pretty but I at least got the point. I likely won’t be making any minions at this slow rate. The worst part was she said go home now and practice.


One Comment

  1. Like all good things, practice makes perfect. Maybe that’s why they feel they can charge $55 for a minion. Though I still think that’s a rip-off. B was trying to sell my crochet things for $5 Hong Kong dollars!


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