I signed up for my next hobby class (3x, 2 hour sessions) – crocheting 101, inspired by seeing minions in a store.  The price tag said $55.  My friend said they are easy to make and won’t cost me $55. I hope to make lots of minions. Minion dolls, minion hats…

(Reference – minions are the characters from the movie, Despicable Me.) 

Crocheting might be a more realistic hobby than food canning/jars or sewing. I never picked up a needle after my last class, I found it too stressful. And, I haven’t made any canning jars on my own, because I never bought the kit to start at home. I am hesitant to buy the kit because it will take up a lot of precious kitchen cabinet space.


Update on the affordable housing: I failed the second level qualification and was unable to submit the application for the lottery. I did get an offer letter (just an offer letter, not a job) to enter, but the second level person reviewing my file said the offer letter was not enough and wanted to see 6 month employment history. Bummer. It was not meant to be.


  1. If it’s a total fail, I’ll make you some. Even with shipping from Asia it’s got to be cheaper than $55!


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