Stages of relationships

We all know how I feel about marriage… at least, most of the time. I once thought it would be a good idea to have my imaginary future wedding on the top of a mountain. Any guest who could hike or climb to the top of the mountain, were welcome to attend. After I summited my first mountain, I recognized how challenging it was and reconsidered that my future husband may not join me in this activity. So, I find myself very surprised to be anxious, honored and excited for this stranger.

I accepted a task rabbit assignment to help a stranger propose to his girlfriend. I think it is a sweet idea and I am very excited to help make it a very special day for them. I feel honored to participate in this event, in a way that I haven’t felt when I am a participant, an active witness, or when I have been in the wedding itself. I haven’t experienced the same jittery anxious feelings as I do for him/her.

I am excited to watch her go thru a series of emotions of surprise to overjoyed happiness. I haven’t ever witnessed that before.

Like, all things I do, it seems I go big or don’t do it at all. I recruited friends to join me in the fun. I’ve talked to the task poster to help him strategize to make the day better and I’ve decided to create a surprise for him and her of champagne, her favorite flowers and maybe frozen yogurt (where it all started).

His idea, but made better by my idea of making signs that each of the task rabbits will hold – the signs say different phases of the stages of relationship, her definitions and order of significance. 1. Friends. 2. Involved/Talking. 3. Seeing Each Other. 4. Casual Dating. 5. Dating Dating. 6. Dating Exclusively. 7. Girlfriend/Boyfriend. 8. Engaged!

Her relationship tree, made me think I don’t have so many specific stages and wonder if I should.

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