Umami, the savory taste

When I was a child, I vaguely remember getting paid to type my brother’s homework and school essays. I don’t remember if I was actually paid, maybe we bartered. I never thought typing would lead to a paid assignment. Yesterday, I had a one day assignment as a scribe. The Culinary research company provided x company help developing, testing and launching in a new market for energy drinks. 4 top chefs in the Bay Area were invited to present sample drinks of a variety of flavors and prototypes. They discussed their development, process and inspiration. I was able to sit in a room listening to amazing mixologists talk about their craft. It was very interesting. They used words like viscosity to describe the thickness of a drink, and words like warmth and linger in describing feelings. Sometimes, I caught myself not doing my job of writing and was only listening. It was fairly complex to listen, absorb and write good notes. I loved listening to their analysis, product development and ideas in bringing a drink to market. After the chefs left, the culinary team, including the food scientists went into further detail about taste, expression, ingredients. Really interesting stuff.

I never appreciated how much goes into marketing and producing that drink you buy at the market. Maybe I’ll try and incorporate viscosity or umami (Japanese word for savory) into my vocabulary.

Next week, I am on a temporary assignment for 3 weeks at the SF Dept. Public Health. I’ll be sitting at a desk from 8-5. I hope I don’t go batty.

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