Delivering burritos

I am starting to rethink this bike courier idea. I think it seems really challenging. I am nervous that I won’t be able to do it well. My first shift is on Sunday.

I have to buy a basket for my bike because 80% of deliveries are food. I can’t carry a burrito in my backpack and still have it look presentable and be warm by the time it reaches it’s destination. Or coffee, how do I bike with coffee or pho and not have it spill all over. I have one hour to pick up and delivery the item, while trying to accept incoming deliveries to keep busy. I get paid by the delivery so it is in my best interest to have a line.

I tend to thrive in challenge and risk, but I wonder how much I am pushing outside of my comfort zone. I don’t want anyone to yell at me for a cold and mashed burrito.


    1. You know, Premium Rush is a remake. The original was with Kevin Bacon. I did see the movie and he doesn’t deliver burritos, just letters. He also rides a fixie – which is a bike with no brakes and no gears, a special kind of insanity.

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