adventures of a young ramenista

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about my blog and how it is evolving. I am no longer without a pillow, in fact, I am very much trying to become an active member of the community, creating roots, not necessarily Redwood Tree roots, but small roots, as best I can.

I’ve decided to subtitle my blog… every day adventures from a young ramenista. My adventures are no longer on the road (for now), but they are about capturing adventure and the beauty in the every day. I choose ramenista because I have a infatuation with noodles. It’s my comfort food. I love soupy good noodles with dumplings bouncing in a thick broth, or cheap ramen with pre-made packets of unknown substances, and the expensive ramen where you wait hours to be seated only to slurp down a texture filled soup while it’s mouthwatering hot. I love other noodles too – like lasagna and ziti… I choose ramenista – specifically because ramen is diverse, it’s a craft and it evolves, like me.

Story from today:

I walked up to the woman at the coffee shop counter and asked, “are your eyelashes real?” She said, “god no, I’ve been putting fake ones on for years.” Disappointed, I said “oh.” Then she proceeded to tell me how she puts them on and how to take care of them. 5 minutes go by before she takes my order.

I’ve been fascinated by people with long eyelashes. I stare into people’s eyes and ask, “are they real?” I am intrigued by what I don’t have. I think how nice it must be to flutter one’s eyelashes. I barely have eyelashes, always looking to buy the mascara with false promises, if I use this brand – will it lengthen your eyelashes.

On the special occasion, when someone glues false eyelashes to my eyes, I love the way it looks. Suddenly I am able to wink, but it comes at a cost of vision. I barely can see with the eyelashes covering my eyes. I like it though, for those few hours of glory.


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