Start-up 15.

I am working at a start-up company on a short term temporary project and like most start-up companies in the Bay area, the company feeds you. They feed you because it helps morale, it keeps you working all day and all night. You don’t need to leave the office. I eat breakfast at 8 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m., snacks throughout the day and some times dinner, all at work. I don’t understand how everyone isn’t 600 lbs. They call your first weeks at a start-up, gaining the freshman 15, because you don’t know when to stop eating.

These aren’t catered meals either, it’s a full out kitchen staffed by people who could be iron chefs. I don’t ever leave the office and I am mostly sitting at the desk. Some people bring their dogs to work and that’s kind of fun, to walk over and pet them. It’s interesting to sit in one place. It was difficult the first few days, I had to take breaks to run around the building and do cartwheels down the hallway but a week in, I can now sit at the desk for the majority of the day, knowing I’ll be out while the sun is still shining.

I bike to work too. Commuting is very different from riding your bike. I downgraded Izzy, most of her parts are now suitable for riding around the city. I changed out the pedals, tires and took off all the gadgets. I leave the house while it’s still dark and I’ve learned my goal is to use as little energy as possible to avoid arriving at work sweaty. I coast as much as possible without pedaling. I sometimes find my heart racing a little, wanting to catch up to the person who just said, “on your left”, but then I have to calm myself down, and remember it’s not a race to get downtown. It takes about 30 minutes to glide to work. The return is significantly more challenging, mostly uphill.

A new wardrobe is also needed for biking to work. I try to wear the same outfit biking as I will be wearing in the office. I notice, I do need skinny jeans – or jeans with stretch, or I need to wear leggings with short dresses. Both are suitable for biking.

I’ve become a vegan and raw at home. I no longer buy dairy out of laziness so it’s a privilege to eat vegetarian at work. Some of the things I’ve eaten in the last few days: hard boiled eggs, oatmeal with bananas, strawberries, granola, honey, lemonade and fresh tea on tap, coconut water, organic greek yogurt, string cheese, almonds, chocolate covered peanuts, yogurt covered pretzels, fresh fruit, freshly baked carrot cookies and chocolate chip cookies, yerba mate iced drinks, beets, salad, bok choy, cous-cous, and my favorite rudi bagels with a mix of almond and crunchy peanut butter.

I’ve also started my canning class, which is awesome! Over the next 9 weeks, I’ll learn to jam, pickle and make granola. I am so excited to learn to can my favorite fruits and vegetables ready to eat them when they are no longer in season.


  1. Liane,
    Your new job sounds wonderful. You are living such a healthy and green life. Thanks for sharing your news.


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