Bouquets of art

Almost everyone likes flowers. I was at the farmer’s market on Saturday and saw beautiful spring tulips and yellow flowers that looked like small pompoms. The description read, “beautiful for a spring wedding, buy them in bunches.” They were $5. Tomatoes were also $5. I could only afford and justify buying one. Today, I ate those tomatoes. They were wonderful in my salad. I regret the decision, just a bit. I wanted those yellow pompoms. They would be perfect in every room.

Flowers bring beauty to every space. They are extravagant purchases, decadent maybe, some might argue necessary. They have limited purpose, live with brevity, yet fill us with smiles, hope and joy.

At the De Young museum, this week is their spring flower exhibit, bouquets inspired by the permanent collection. Enclosed are photos of my favorite pieces.

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