Me, the Grinch, spring is here

I hate spring. I hate the way it makes me feel. My ears are stuffed, as if I just got out of a swimming pool. I have some trouble breathing, my throat is irritated and my eyes are tense, very alert. My body has an adverse reaction to spring. Most people love the extra daylight of spring, but I could skip this season. Move past summer too, straight to fall, where the winds pick up, the earth grows brown and I can breathe once again.

Photos: blooms announcing it’s spring in Golden Gate Park… and my new cruiser bike, Skylar. She’s blue, like the sky, so I named her Skylar. I picked her up from Craigslist for free. Well, I had to rent a City Car Share car for $8 to get her home, so technically she was $8. I need to replace everything since she’s rusted and in need of repair, but once she’s cleaned up, I can’t wait to take her out. She’s a Schwinn, with a strongly built steel frame and even has a kick stand. I’m going to add a basket to the front and a bell. Look for me riding along the beach in a skirt on my way to get a baguette.

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