Practice almost makes perfect

I am exhausted by interviewing. For the amount of energy, effort and research required to get an interview, it makes me wonder how one finds a job if you are already in a job. This week, I will have completed an interview a day, sometimes two, all different companies, many great organizations doing good work. I have done better at selecting the jobs I apply to, mostly focusing on organizations in health and education. All of the interviews are in the preliminary stages of the phone screening then I wait to move forward to the in person interview. A few of my recent interview questions were “Which neighborhood do you like better, the Marina or Hayes Valley? There is no right answer.” Seriously, that’s like asking, do I prefer the Upper East Side vs. the Lower East Side? It is subjective and your answer hints at your preferences. Other questions: what experiences make you qualified for this role? Describe a time when communication failed, how you handled it and what you would have done differently in reflection. What is does your ideal job look like? All the questions the interviewers ask me are trying to decide if I am a good match to their organization, if I am competent for the role and lastly if there is any chemistry between interviewee and interviewer to move the recommendation/process forward. I am doing better with each interview but I am getting tired of the practice. I have even experienced new ways to interview: the group interview, the recorded video and online interview via Skype. I am hoping one of my leads this week will turn into a winner. My self-imposed deadline of end of March is drawing near.

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