Cleaning out the closet, a reality check

The change of seasons is a good time to reflect, clean out the closet and update your address book. As the upcoming season changes, turning back the clock, I am giving myself a deadline and a reality check. Biking America, climbing Mt. Everest or competing in an ironman didn’t become a reality until I said it out loud.

I can no longer continue to be optimistic and idealistic forever. If I am unable to find a job that matches my interests and values by the end of March, I am willingly to accept defeat.

Failure is never bad. I tried. As much as I want to find my life’s work, and the work I am most passionate about, I need to move on and cannot wait forever. End of March is the new self imposed deadline.


  1. A perfect job or defeat/failure? Sounds like a set up. I’m old, so maybe I can suggest that life doesn’t seem to work like that for most people. Small shifts, changes, unexpected things turning out to be meaningful.


  2. You never know, a job-for-now can turn into the career of a lifetime. Don’t give up, even if you have to settle for now.


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