Finding the work you love

Is it possible to be exhausted from interviewing? Each place I interview, in the process, I find it is not a place I want to work. I am holding out for the job where I can say, I’d love to be here. I love this company and I want to contribute.

Yesterday was my first experience in group interviewing. I found there to be several common themes of those interviewing – the love of movement, finding work that inspires you, traveling to make a difference, chasing the sun in the summer, chasing the mountains in the winter, living more simply and sustainably, fear of a desk job and always moving forward. Perhaps, there is a bit of wanderlust in everyone but unlike the others in the room, they invested a lot by being there, they flew from near and far to attend the interview. They all said, I want to be here, I want this job. I didn’t feel the same commitment. At the end of the day, I withdrew my application.

All the jobs I have interviewed for, in the process, I have discovered this is not for me. I am looking for the ideal – I want to wake up loving the work I do and feel inspired to work. I know it’s out there and I hope it finds me soon. This process is exhausting.

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