Where are you from?

Where are you from – should be an easy question, but I pause and stumble on the answer more often than not. This morning, I went on a free walking tour (donation only) of the Golden Gate Bridge. I went because I don’t know that much about the history of the bridge and thought it would be a good way to spend the morning. It was a beautiful day and I learned many fun facts. The most interesting fact to me was, Strauss, the chief engineer on the bridge is credited with building it but the design was by Ellis, who is never credited or mentioned in history (mostly due to Strauss’ involvement in that writing of history).

I might have been the only “local” person on the tour. I live in San Francisco but I would hardly call it the city from where I am from. I think the best clarifying statement is, I live in San Francisco, but I am from New York City.

I call “home”, the place where you were born/raised however, “home” is a moving term too. I feel at home when I fly both into SFO and JFK.

I do always root for the NYC “home” team because my brother says that even though I will always likely move, you don’t switch your allegiance. You always root for the Yankees. I even have an irrational dislike for Red Sox fans. I have yet to cheer for the 49’ers or the Giants and I am not sure when that day will come.

It was a fun walking tour and a beautiful day to be from San Francisco.

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