CSA for beginners

I discovered the kiwi this week. It’s not that I have never eaten a kiwi, I have. I just never bought them myself. When it arrived in my CSA box this week, I looked at the brown fuzzy fruit, knowing it’s pretty and green on the inside but not sure how to eat it. I went online and researched. Apparently, I could slice and eat it with a spoon. Or eat like an apple with the skin or take a peeler and then slice. I decided the least effort was the spoon method. It was amazing, this discovery. I ate 3 kiwis in a row.

Then, onto the swiss chard. I have eaten swiss chard mostly raw, in salads, etc. I went online again, and the simplest method was to sauté with garlic and olive oil. It didn’t taste bad, but definitely not good.

Then we go on to the ugly monster vegetable. I am a vegetarian who cannot identify my vegetables. I took a photo and posted it online. Friends tell me this is celeriac root and I can mash it like a potato. I think this one is too advanced for me and will leave it for my roommate. She has some serious home ec skills.

I think they should have a CSA for beginners. In addition to the list that comes with the box, their should be pictures that match the words. Visual cues so I can identify my vegetables. Then there should be simple recipes of what I should do with said vegetable. I mean, simple steps. Right now, I’m going out to buy cinnamon and brown sugar for the butternut squash and yams.

I wish my vegetables would cook themselves and be tasty. I know there are services for this, but I do not make enough money to pay for these services and really, I just need to get over it and learn to cook. I probably shouldn’t continue to be a raw foodist because I am lazy.



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