California girl

It’s not cold in San Francisco, the weather is in 40’s-60’s. While the rest of the country continues to shovel the snow, I put on a t-shirt, my capris, and lace up my running shoes. Just 4 blocks out my door, I run through the woods in the glorious Golden Gate Park. I’m not in too bad of shape and it shouldn’t take long to be bikini ready. I foresee the possibility of visiting an island in the near future.

The last month of eating salads, reducing my intake of caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars and the overall detox plan, has set me up well in time for the lunar new year. I am ready to embrace the new year, the year of the horse. I am thankful for those extra few weeks from Jan. 1- Jan. 31 to renew.

My unkempt wavy brown hair continues to grow lighter by the sun and my freckles grow stronger each day. They usually disappear in the winter, but unlike most of you, in my opinion, there is no winter in California.

I have been silent from writing in the last few weeks, spending a lot of time and energy interviewing. I haven’t found the right fit yet but I feel optimistic that right opportunity will present itself soon. Until then I will continue to run in the woods.


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