My perfect Sunday

Sleeping in. I never wake to an alarm clock but Sunday’s are specifically reserved for resting past a time you would normally leave for work. I don’t even work, but I sleep in on Sundays. Brunch with friends is always a pleasurable next activity, followed by a hike or walk through a park. Today, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, to have brunch at Bar Bocce. We sat near a fire pit, watching other restaurant go’ers play Bocce, overlooking the sailboats in the Bay. The drive to Marin County is about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. In the car, we sang along to 80’s tunes from the radio.

Then we went to Larkspur for a hike. A local woman called the beginning of the trail “a real butt burner with switch backs,” then a short break through a residential area before rejoining the trail to circle back down into the valley. The residential area had beautiful views with grand homes. I breathed in the damp, musky redwoods and loved the covered forest valley for 2.5 hours. My friend was told, redwoods have 7-8 layers of wood that thrive on the San Francisco fog for moisture to grow. She said they seem both fragile and strong at the same time. Redwoods are my favorite trees and I fortunately get to see them all the time. They bring me joy and comfort, like a good friend.

We drove to dinner at Sol (Puerto Rican cuisine) in San Rafael. I ate a vegetarian sandwich (avocado, veggies, peppers and cheese) but instead of bread, the paddies were sweet plantains. I wish every day could feel like Sunday.

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