Thanks New York, it’s been fun.

It’s been a great two weeks in New York. Thank you all for making the time to see me. I wish I could have spent more time with you and for those I missed, I hope to see you next time or visit me out West.

I saw my first heavy snowfall, in many years. I even shoveled the front of the house and it took an hour to dig out the car.

I ate lots – dim sum, homemade Italian meals, pizza at Lombardi’s, Ramen and Captain Crunch truffles at Momufuku, wicked hot chocolate and champagne truffles at Jacques Torres, tea at Radiance, arepas at Caracas, spumoni at Spumoni Gardens, a few too many cups of holiday flavored mocha at Starbucks, twists at Amy’s Bread, a “Matilda” at the Algonquin, divine dosas and great Indian/Thai. I am stuffed with love/food and now it’s time to go back to San Francisco, to start 2014.

It’s the year of the Horse, on January 31, 2014. The horoscope says 2014 will be filled with many activities and achievements.

Photos: My college roommate, Marissa’s 1st time on the ice at Bryant Park. A visit to MoMa, where I improved the art, we titled the piece, “Liane in flight.” Tara with snail sculptures at Time Warner. Gingerbread houses, scenes from around NYC, a subway station (with mice) and Coney Island. Grand Central Station, 100 years.

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