Dear Santa

A friend asked me recently what was on my Christmas wish list. I said, nothing, I haven’t really thought about it. He said, come on, everyone has a wish list.

I went home and thought about it some more. I came up with a very superficial list. I’d like Pitch Perfect on DVD so I can watch selected scenes on endless repeat. I’d like a commuter bicycle that I can leave on the street without fear it will be stolen. I’d like more mountaineering gear because there are many more mountains to climb… (a women’s zero degree down sleeping bag, a go anywhere/do anything jacket in the mountains, Outdoor Research expedition crocodile gaiters, crampons, a climbing harness, MSR Alpine 2 pot set).

In truth though, I have never needed or wanted for anything in my entire life. I have been privileged enough to always have shelter, food and support. There are many people in the world who don’t have enough. If you have ever wondered where the Dear Santa letter goes, when a child in need, writes a letter to Santa, puts a stamp on it, and addresses it to the North Pole…. it goes to the New York City, Main Post Office. The letters are collected and anyone can go read the letters, pick the ones they want, and act as an elf on behalf of Santa. Fulfill the letter and the gifts get sent from the North Pole.

I heard Operation Santa may have expanded to other local post offices, so you can check to see if the program is by you, otherwise I will be in NYC on December 19th and will go to the post office to pick up a letter. Let me know if you would like me to pick one up for you and I can send it to you. You’ll have to shop and post it quickly though for it to arrive by Dec. 24.

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