The art of lying down

I don’t think ever in my life, I have been so sedate. It is the off-season, winter. I am turning a little into a pumpkin, jeans are getting a little snug but I don’t care. It’s surreal for me, not to have grand plans for the next adventure or to even be thinking about one.

I am sure it’s time to get back out there but I can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to go for a run, climb a mountain, ride a bike, or exercise in any capacity. I have not yet found time for aerial pursuits.

My only activity in the last two months has been going to sewing class. Re-assimilating into normal life makes me feel like I am a tourist, engaging and experiencing new everyday things for the first time. Living indoors, walking or taking public transportation instead of riding my bike, working.

After 2 months in my house, I am still amazed to put my toothbrush on the shelf every day. I find it somewhat fascinating to go to sleep in the same place every night and wake up and “go to work”. Everyone does it, but it seems out of the ordinary to me. I love sleeping in my bed so much and adore every minute of it, that it feels like an activity for me, the same way, going to the gym might feel like an activity for some people.

I don’t yet have homesickness for the open road, because I still feel tired. I don’t yet have the mental or physical energy to explore new places. I am enthusiastic about wanting to stay in the same place, for a little while.

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