Epic fail: pancakes

I try, I do. Several years ago, I took a basic skills cooking class. I am taking a 10 week sewing class now, but in the end I am not domestic. I find cooking, sewing, anything having to do with inside the home, stressful and challenging. I have no domestic skills. Yesterday, I attempted to cook breakfast for my friends. I followed the directions, but the consistency seemed wrong. Then, I thought maybe it was the pan, switching from a regular pan to a non-stick pan. Still fail. I only was able to make eggs and toast.

In 2010, I was living in Philadelphia, and wrote a journal entry about pancakes. I decided to share it with you, for your amusement.

One day in May I decided I am was going to cook something from scratch. I decided it would be pancakes. Everyone can make pancakes. I emailed my brother to send me a recipe on pancakes. He sent me a few recipes; I liked the one that came with pictures. The pictures were visual – one photo demonstrated the ingredients, another showed mixing, followed by pouring onto a griddle, and end result photo.

With my new found knowledge, I went out to the grocery store to buy my ingredients. Of course, at the grocery store I didn’t have the recipe with me, but I figured I could probably remember most of it. First up, eggs – check. Second, milk – well I don’t really like milk but I would give it a try. Third – Baking Soda. Fourth – Flour (what’s the difference between all purpose and the others?) Fifth – Sugar.

Several problems arose here – milk, what type? How much? I asked the guy in the milk aisle – if you were making pancakes how much milk do you need?> his response – well depends on how many you are making, but generally a quart. Ok, so I reach for the quart but then I stop and ask what type of milk, whole milk, skim milk? I don’t even really know what half and half and cream is used for. I asked him then what type? He looked at me a little funny and said it doesn’t really matter. Before I could ask another question, it looked like he was running away.

My next question, would have been, what type do you use? So, without any further assistance I picked up the milk. Next was the sugar, well I didn’t know what type of sugar? Brown sugar, white sugar, powdered sugar, organic, domino? I remember someone telling me not to get Domino sugar because it’s not vegetarian and I remember from the picture that it was white dusty sugar at the end so I bought the powdered sugar.

1st attempt pancakes – problem was the sugar – should have gotten regular sugar because the pancake mix didn’t rise. They were all flat.
2nd attempt packages – didn’t mix the ingredients like the directions said – first dry ingredients then wet ingredients – I mixed them all together at the same time.
3rd attempt – went in the correct order but didn’t mix the ingredients enough, tasted the big pile of salt.
4th attempt – correct ingredients but didn’t taste very good. My friend said it might be because I have an electric stove. I decided it wasn’t the right recipe and will try the “Everyday Pancakes” recipe instead.

I’ve tried 4 times to make pancakes without much success. I am going to leave it to the pro’s and order out.


  1. Lol…it’s so sweet that you want/try to be domestic! I will send you step by step (easy) pancake recipe…using non-dairy products. I make them every Sunday for the boys 🙂 Hope all is well. Big hugs my friend.


  2. That is so funny! Kudos for trying 4 x. Waffles are one of my favorite things to make. If you get a waffle iron, let me know. I’ll send you a no fail recipe and you will wow everyone! ❤ to you, my-good-at-everything-else friend.


  3. Eggs and toast is good for breakfast too! Next time try a strata. You mix in what you like, use stale bread and bake. No “cooking” involved. Channel your inner “Martha”!


  4. Liane, Anne and 1 are enjoying reading about your trails and tribulations, and especially how you push for new horizons n your life. NOW do you remember the pancakes we served on the TransAm? They were pretty good and very easy to make step one. go to Walmart, buy one box of the Great Value pancake mx,(ether pla1n or with blueberries) step two, when ready for a pancake breakfast pour one cup of mx n a bowl, mx dry with a fork(to break up any lumps) pour n a little water and begn to stur, add water until you get a constancy you like. heat skillet with a little butter and when hot add mx. when pancake bubbles turn over.


  5. Hi Liane! It was great to meet you yesterday 🙂
    Lovely to be welcomed @ your home…
    Re pancakes: where I’m from (Holland) they are really easy. Kinda like crepes, lmk if you want the recipe. Babette


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